About Us

At Style Halo, we seek out the finest used luxury items and transform discarded scraps into new pieces. Our newest collection features bracelets, necklaces, knit hats, and watch bands for Apple watches. We are excited to share these items both online at stylehalo.com, and in person at a craft fair near you. By upcycling we help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that floods our landfills; and by buying a special piece from Style Halo, you are supporting hard working artists and artisans in the USA.

We understand that the business of fashion is the business of beauty, elegance and excellence. We have been in the industry long enough to appreciate the challenges of online shopping and know it is possible to browse endlessly without finding what you want. For this reason, we combined our energy and resources to curate the most unique and endearing collection that both uplifts your style and complements your beauty. Happy Shopping!